Dr. Debbie Dennis Valente - Chair Person 




Held at the beautiful home of Dr. Debbie Dennis Valente. The club thanks the Valente family for their hospitality.

This event has been very successful as many area corgi owners, and some from out of state, come to join in the fun and meet other corgi fanciers. Members and sponsors donate food and raffle items. The corgis and their owners participate in all sorts of fun games and the height of the day is the costume parade. The corgis out do themselves dressing up for the costume parade as you can see from the pictures on the costume page.

2009 Corgi Fair Photos
There are a lot of pictures!

Archive 2008
Corgi Fair: June 29, 2008
Please click on the links for the Costume Contest and General Pictures.
If you click on the pictures you will get a slide show of larger pictures. Enjoy.

Archive 2007
Corgi Fair: June 10, 2007

Archive 2006
Corgi Fair 2006
Corgi Fair Costume Contest 2006

Archive 2005
CorgiFair 2005
More 2005 Corgi Fair Photos

Archive 2004:
Corgi Fair 2004
More 2004 Corgi Fair Photos



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