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Beaver County Kennel Club

2003 Specialty

Show Co-Chairs: Betty Delfosse and Connie Rinehart

Match Co-Chairs: Linda Fuller and Karen Grimmett

Raffle Chairman: Heather Lampman

BBQ: Sandy Hanson

Trophies: Betty Delfosse, Brenda Stiles, Libby Kraus


the members of the PWCCWR

ty Kennel Club, Inc.

Pembroke Welsh Corgi Club
Of the Western Reserve
August 2, 2003

JUDGE: Ms. Cynthia Pera


I want to thank the Pembroke Welsh Corgi Club of the Western Reserve for inviting me to judge their Sweepstakes Classes. I really enjoyed the great hospitality and appreciated that the rain waited for us to complete judging for the day! I want to thank Connie Rinehart and Betty Delfosse for their excellent job of coordinating shuttles/flights/hotels, etc. They did an outstanding job. I loved my welcome bag, and judge’s gift -- a hand painted head study of my Ch. Summithill As Good As It Gets, on a large square of slate. Also, I really enjoyed the quality of the dogs presented to me. I thought the “type” was excellent. Due to it being mid-summer, some exhibits were unfortunately lacking coat. There was one predominant fault that I saw regarding movement, which was wide fronts. Attention needs to be paid to long nails, and incorrect round feet. I was surprised to see some teeth tartar on puppies that were under a year old. Other than that, bites were very good, temperaments were excellent. Thanks for showing me your promising puppies!

Cindy Pera
Summithill Corgis


1 FAERIETALE CURIG DANNY BOY (Ch. Aubrey Oakwind Armful of Fun x Faerietale Amazing Grace) Breeder/Owner: Barbara du Pree & Susan Neave. Red/White – Really Nice outline, wonderful bone, very attractive head, with dark eyes and pigment. Very masculine, sound front and rear, moved well from all angles, with a level back. Pleasing white.

2 RIVERSIDE VERY IMPORTANT (Ch. Dwynella Take a Chance x Ch. Riverside Out of Necessity) Breeders: Racquel Doty, Rhonda Doty, Deborah Shindle. Owners: Brenda Stiles & Deborah Shindle. Red and white – Very close between these two boys. Again very masculine puppy with good underline and a level back. Good bone and coat – a little lighter in eye than one above. Preferred head on 1st place dog.

3 BRYNLEA THESE FOOLISH THINGS (Ch. Otrecks Fool Me Once x Ch. Brynlea Conlyn Finishing Touch) Breeder: Brenda Stiles. Owners: Denise Brown-Harris & Brenda Stiles. Larger mold tricolor dog. At this stage, a little high in rear with a dip in his back. Should level out with age.

4 CARALON’S FORMAL ATTIRE. (Ch. Caralon’s Selby of Foxglyn x Courtllyn Concerto) Breeders/Owners: Patricia A. Parsons & Helen M. Sherlock. Red headed tricolor puppy – Nice, masculine head. Level topline, on a shorter backed dog. He was moving a little wide in front.


1 ELFWISH SWEET TALKIN GUY. (Ch. Salvenik Sweet Thoughts x Ch. Elfwish Gingerbread Lady). Breeders: Donna Francis & Sandra Wolfskill. Owners: Teresa Mulhausen & Donna Francis & Sandra Wolfskill. Lighter Red and white masculine puppy possessing good eye color and pigmentation. Pleasing head, good expression. Moderately low, with good length of body and a short loin. Nice keel. Correct feet, with good bone. Moved very soundly and with purpose. Sadly out of coat, and lacking undercoat, resulting in hair over his withers flopping on the move. Liked this puppy allot – pleased to award him BEST OPPOSITE SWEEPSTAKES.

2 KESTRAL ELITE DREAM –(Ch. Dwynella Take a Chance x Ch. Kestral Delightful Dream) Breeder/Owner: Ann Caterson. Red/White – Another nice masculine head, good bone down to his feet. Good sized dog – Level back, and good depth of body (which earned him his placement), being deeper than 3rd place dog. Not the reach of the dog above.

3 SADDLE LANE RIVERSIDE G’DAY (Ch. Maplecreek Burbank x Ch Saddle Lanes Asia Minor). Breeders: Andrew Carter & Deb Shindle. Owners: Marie Carroll & Karen Fruhmann. Red/White - Higher stationed puppy, but nice outline nonetheless. Extra good neck. A drier dog with less coat. Possesses correct dark eyes, and pigment. Correctly set and sized ears. Very nice dog, but not as much dog as the one above. Good reach and drive on the move.

4 FAIRYSTEED ARAM’S STAR (Ch. Ninacorte Star Caster x Ch. Fairysteed’s Quite A Lot). Breeder/Owner: Karen Gunzel. Red/White. Another boy sadly out of coat. Preferred heads on those above. This puppy appeared a little long in foreface. Ample bone, but feet were not his fortune. Rise over the loin on the move


1 CANTERBURY & XIII MAPLES GALAXY (Ch. XIII Maples Stellar Idea, CD x Ch. Canterbury English Brocade) Breeder: D. & R. Bechard. Owner: Ellen Childs. Red/White. Lacking coat, being mid-summer, but looked good nonetheless. Very good outline, nice well arched neck, good shoulders, pleasing head. Moved well coming and going, with a strong sidegate.

2 WAKEFIELD DANDELION –. (Powdermill Pure Tribute for Salvnik x Ch. Wakefield Glinda of Oz) Breeders/Owners: Peggy Kessler & Pam Dent. Red/White male puppy in gorgeous coat. Eye not as dark as some today. Would prefer a little tighter front assembly, moving wide at times. Ample coat bounced slightly at withers. Could be longer throughout.


1 AURORA ARCHERY SUMMIT (Ch. Sandyshire’s the Phantom x Aurora Tell Me True) Breeders: M. Van Vliet & Donna Newton. Owners: D. Francis & S. Wolfskill. Mature red headed tricolor dog with a correct front. Excelled in front movement, and strong rear going away, with nice short hocks. Good topline and underline, level back. His head was pleasing, with large, well placed ears. Well up to size but medium length dog. He was ably handled.

2 SANDYSHIRE SUMMER’S DESTINY –. (Ch. Sandyshire’s The Phantom x Ch. Aberlee Summer Flight) Breeder: Pat Sandy-Smith. Owners: Sharyl Waldron & Pat Sandy-Smith. Attractive medium red and white dog. Dark eyes and pigment, good topline. Slight fill under eyes. Good movement, especially in rear. Would prefer more length throughout and larger ears.

3 LIONHART DUNCAN MCLEOD. (Ch. Caralon’s Casper at Gaylord x Ch. Foxwood B-Majic Ally McBeal). Breeder: Daniel Hartman & Nyleen LaShier & Debbie Royster. Owners: Patrick & Ronice Kenny. Well up to size sable dog. Moved a little erratic and wide in the rear. Eyes good color. Outline and movement might have been better if he wasn’t carrying a little excess weight. Preferred type of those above.


1 XII MAPLES STAR CASTLE (Ch Aberlee Storm Force x Ch Readfield Moon O’er XIII Maples) Breeder: Ellen Childs & Marianne Read. Owners: Ellen Childs & Mark Russo. Cutest face of the day on this red and white puppy. Wonderful feminine expression, dark eyes, with really good pigment. Good bone, shoulder and correct front and feet. She carried a really full coat, which might have worked to her disadvantage as it gave the appearance of a sloping croup and rolling a little on the move. I bet this puppy has a bright future.

2 RIVERSIDE VERY NECESSARY (Ch Dwnella Take a Chance x Ch. Riverside Out of Neccessity) Breeders: Deborah Shindle & Rhonda & Racquel Doty. Owners: Deborah Shindle & Dona Straway. Darker red and white puppy of a different type than above. Absolutely dead level topline which she held on the move, good outline and length. A little narrow throughout and moving close in the rear. Another puppy out of coat.

3 MILESTONE TENNIS BRACELET (Ch. Highleigh Whatchamacallit x Ch. Milestone Augusta National) Breeder: Donna Gilbert. Owners: Terri New & Donna Gilbert. Red and white puppy with a very attractive headpiece with melting dark eyes and pigment. She was a little longer in loin, and exhibited a slight drop off in croup. One high front sock and one low front sock was a little distracting when evaluating front movement!

4 LIONHART MAB AT STONEYGATE (Ch. Elfwish Leprechaun At Craigycor x Ch. Foxwood B-Majic Ally McBeal). Breeder: Daniel Hartman. Owners: Deborah J. Dennis Valente DVM & Daniel Hartman. Red headed tricolor puppy, well up to size and of a different type than those who placed above. Good coat and outline. Appeared a little long in foreface.


1 KEEPSAKE TEMPTING FATE (Ch Caralon’s Casper at Gaylord x Ch. Gaylord’s Buttahcup) Breeder/Owner: Molly Forbes. Lovely red and white puppy possessing correctly placed ears and good expression. Attractive head. Not the biggest puppy in the class. Excellent outline, underline and correct coat. Moved well in all directions, a nice sound puppy, in a strong class.

2 KEEPSAKE BRYNLEA KISMET (Ch Caralon’s Casper at Gaylord x Ch. Gaylord’s Buttahcup. Breeder: Molly Forbes. Owner: Brenda Stiles. Darker red with sabling. She is a littermate to #1, but they don’t look that much alike. There is a lot to like about this puppy. Nice outline, and length. Pleasing head, a little narrow at this stage. Moved well in all directions and showed well for her handler, exhibiting a flowing sidegate. Coat is blowing and looks like it might be a somewhat open coat.

3 ELFWISH SWEET LIBERTY (Ch Salvenik Sweet Thoughts x Ch. Elfwish Gingerbread Lady) Breeders/Owners: Donna J. Francis & Sandra Wolfskill. Paler red and white girl. Excellent height to length ratio and nice angles throughout. Lower to the ground, and not in full coat. Moved with purpose, and showed very well. Would prefer darker eye and lacked correctly shaped feet.

4 AUBREY’S SIMPLY ENCHANTING (Ch. Woodhenge Dream Maker, NA, NAJ x Ch. Aubrey’s Zinnia) Breeders: Cindy & Vince Savioli; Owners: Kathy & Marty Hash & Cindy & Vince Savioli. Red and white puppy. Another good showman with nice length and outline, and level back. Head not quite as pleasing as those above. Movement adequate, but seemed to be moving up and down instead of driving on the go round.


1 SPRINGMILL GARVIN SACHET (Ch. Tallyrand Xalted Love x Ch. Garvin’s Vinyard Bouquet) Breeder: Gayle Garvin & Nancy Oehlhoff. Owner: Nancy Oehlhoff. Striking tri-color bitch with pleasing head, and well placed ears. Shiny black coat, nice neck into good shoulders. Nice keel and brisket. Moved well.

2 WAKEFIELD TIGER LILY (Powdermill Pure Tribute for Salvenik x Ch. Wakefield Glinda of Oz) Breeders/Owners: Peggy Kessler & Pam Dent. Paler red and white very feminine bitch possessing a very pleasing head, with medium color eyes. Slightly low withers, again moving slightly wide in front. Not a lot of coat but nice outline nonetheless.

3 CARALON’S CHARISMATIC CHESSI (Beckridge To Be or Not To Be x Courtllyn Concerto) Breeders/Owners: Patricia A Parsons & Helen Sherlock. Another lighter colored red and white girl – Attractive head, with medium eyes. Carrying excess weight which made her roll over the withers on the move. Not as good a height-length ratio as those above.




1. SANDFOX BRENNA O’CALLOWAY (Ch. Sandfox Flying Finish, UD, HS, MX, AXJ x Ch. Calloway Parlor Soiree) Breeders: Vicki Sandage & Pam Hudson. Owners: Vicki Sandage & Patricia Date. Darker tricolor bitch – good showgirl, nice dark eyes, good keel, moved soundly in all directions. Presented a very nice picture. Nothing exaggerated on this medium sized bitch. Arched neck blending into correctly placed shoulders. Good ribbing and angles. Moved with purpose. Handled to perfection, I was happy to award her: BEST IN SWEEPSTAKES

2. CALLOWAY SPRINGMILL ALLURING (Ch. Hum’nbird Valedictorian x Calloway Springmill Starlite) Breeders: Pam Hudson & Nancy Oehlhof & Mike Oehlhof. Owners: Pam Hudson & Nancy Oehlhof. Red and white quality bitch. Not much separating these 2 girls. Preferred the front movement of the one above, and would like to see a larger ear to balance head. Another Free mover, well angulated. More workmanlike looking, not as much bone, good topline, good rear.

3. CURIG FAERIE TALE WITCH HAZEL (Ch. Royal Mark Sea Change x Curig Periwinkle) Breeders/Owners: Barbara du Pree & Susan Neave. Red and white bitch with nice outline. Could have used a longer neck to balance. Carrying a little excess weight made her bounce across the withers when she moved. Pretty coat.

4. LIONHART’S LADY OF THE LAKE (Ch. Caralon’s Casper at Gaylord x Ch. Foxwood B-Majic Ally McBeal) Breeder: Daniel E Hartman & Deb Royster & Nyleen Lashier. Owner: Daniel Hartman. Red and white bitch with sabling. Of a different type than those above, being higher stationed. She still possessed a nice outline and moved good in all directions. Well angulated front and rear, but a little narrow throughout. Preferred size of those above.

Pembroke Welsh Corgi Club
Of the Western Reserve
August 2, 2003
Judge: Dianne Connolly, Llandian

I would like to thank the club for inviting me to judge your show. Everyone was so helpful which made my judging assignment much easier. A big thanks to my ring stewards, and my welcoming committee. Our weather cooperated, the food was excellent and as usual I had lots of laughs at the evening barbeque enjoying the auction and fun times. I have many fond memories of this show , showgrounds and new friends. Again, thank you for the opportunity in allowing me to judge your dogs and a sincere thank you for the beautiful handpainted slate of my CH Llandians Love In The Mist. I will always treasure it.

Puppy, 6 to 9 Months Dogs.

PUPPY DOG – 6-9 MONTHS (7 in this class)
1 Faerietale Curig Danny Boy (CH Aubrey Oakwind Armful Of Fun – Faerietale Amazing Grace) Owner: Barbara du Pree & Susan Neave. A mature r/w puppy with good length, short hocks, level topline, and a good mover from the side. He had a good head with dark eyes.

2 Riverside Very Important (CH Dwynella Take A Chance – CH Riverside Out Of Necessity) Owner: Brenda Stiles & Deborah Shindle A smaller red/white dog compared to the dog above, a sound mover, level topline, short hocks. Clean coming and going. Just lacked maturity today.

3 Brynlea These Foolish Things (CH Otrecks Fool Me Once – CH Brynlea Conlyn Finishing Touch) Owners: Denise Brown-Harris & Brenda Stiles Attractive tri dog, nice bone, pretty head with dark eyes. His topline let him down today, however should fix with maturity

4 Caralon’s Formal Attire (CH Caralon’s Selby Of Foxglyn-Courtlyn Concerto)
Owner: Patricia A. Parsons & Helen M. Sherlock A young puppy with nice bone and neat feet. Loved his head and expressive dark eyes. His topline was a bit soft today and he gave his handler a workout.

Puppy, 9 to 12 Months Dogs.

PUPPY DOG – 9-12 MONTHS (4 in this class)
1 Elfwish Sweet Talkin’ Guy (CH Salvenik Sweet Thoughts x CH Elfwish Gingerbread Lady) Owner: Teresa Mulhausen & Donna Francis & Sandra Wolkskill A beautiful pale red puppy with lots of bone, a good turn of stifle with short hocks. He has good length of body and moved effortlessly around the ring. Nice dark eyes, Neat feet, just lacked a coat today

2 Kestrel Elite Dream (CH Dwynella Take A Chance x CH Kestrel Delightful Dream)
Owner: Ann Caterson A dark red/white dog, higher on leg than the dog above. He
has a good length of neck and shoulder layback, but his topline was not level today. Would like to see more turn of stifle.

3 Fairysteed Aram’s Star (CH Ninacorte Star Caster – CH Fairysteeds’s Quite A Lot) Owner: Karen Gunzel. A pale red/white dog, low to ground, neat feet, good length of body. Would prefer a darker eye. His topline was also off today.

4 Foxworth Flash Of Ulamauna (CH LS Alan Jackson – Honey Baby Roxie Owner: Deborah Brooks A darker red dog, high in rear, would like to see a bigger ear.

12 to 18 Months Dogs.

DOGS 12-18 MONTHS – 3 entered
1 Aurora Archery Summit (CH Sandyshire The Phantom – Aurora Tell Me True. Owner: D Francis & S Wolfskill A large tri dog, nice substance, length of body, correct front. He has a masculine head with correct propositions. Nice dark eyes, sound mover and kept his topline on the move. I would like to see more turn of stifle.

2 Canterbury & XIII Maples Galaxy (CH XIII Maples Stellar Idea CD – CH Canterbury English Brocade. Owner: Ellen Childs A red/white dog not in his best coat today. He has good length of body, adequate bone. His topline was off on the move.

3 Sandyshire Summer’s Destiny (CH Sandyshire’s The Phantom – CH Aberlee Summer Flight. Owner: Sharyl Waldron & Pat Sandy-Smith
A flashy deep red dog , good length of body, good rear. His topline was off on the move today.

Bred by Exhibitor Dogs.

1 Vanguard Diego (CH Esprence Revellie of Rosewood – Boitanos Vangard Vivacious. Owner: Robert L. Simpson & Gail Deuel & Natalie Jones A mature red/white dog that took my eye as soon as he entered the ring. He has what I call “breed quality”. He was very sound moving around the ring, keeping his topline on the move. A total show dog, always giving his handler 100%. He was everything I want in a show/breed dog. I was happy to give him WINNERS DOG, BEST OF WINNERS AND BEST OF BREED.

2 Faerietale Curig Bentley (CH Cinonnie Rigel x Faerietale Amazing Grace. Owner: Susan Neave & Barbara du Pree A beautiful red/white dog but lacked the conditioning that the dog above exhibited. Would like to see some weight taken off him which would give him a more steady movement from the side. Low to ground, nice substance and a beautiful head with a nice dark eye.

3 Wakefield Dandelion (Powdermill Pure Tribute of Salvenik x CH Wakefield Glinda Of Oz. Owner: Peggy Kessler & Pam Dent. Another pretty dog with good length and turn of stifle. He has nice substance, level topline. Would prefer a darker eye. He was not really moving out today for his handler and did not have the reach and drive of the dog above. But a quality dog.

4 Encore Lu Can Do Better. (CH Elfwish Anything Hugh Can Do – CH Elfwish Diamond Lil. Owner: Marlene A. Rosenberg A red/white dog with good ribbing, nice turn of stifle, sound mover, kept topline on the move. He had lovely eyes and dark pigmentation. Would like to see more bone and substance.

Open Dogs.

1 Dalarno Play It Again Sam (CH Caralon’s Casper At Gaylord x CH Dalarno Banner First Edition) Owner: Larry Adams & David Guempel & Carrie Harris
A moderate size sable dog in good coat with lots of bone and substance. Neat feet with short hocks, and a good turn of stifle. Correct head propositions, but would prefer a darker eye. A quality dog. RESERVE WINNERS DOG

2 Spock U Are My Little Mini Me. (CH Stonecroft’s Second Sight – CH Spock Touched By An Angel. Owner: Murielle Cote Guerin & Denis Guerin A beautiful red/white dog with a gleaming glamour coat. In top condition, he has a beautiful head, dark eyes. An adequate mover, he was high in the rear today which made his topline go off.

3 Cambrell Tri-Umph Moonshiner OA NAJ. (CH Roughouse Cassidy Kid CD NA NAJ – Tri-umph Tempt The Moon OA OAJ. Owner: Tama Diem A black headed tri, a very sound moving dog with shot hocks, good length of body. Not in show condition as the dogs above today.

4 Tim Tam It’s My Turn. (CH Colburn Heaven Only Knows – Sandfox Rhapsody) Owner: Cynthia Courtney & Claire McClure He is a deep red dog with light sabling, nice markings, sound mover. Level topline, lacked bone and substance compared to the dogs above.

Bitch Classes
Puppy, 6 to 9 Months Bitches.


PUPPY BITCHES 6-9-MONTHS ( 8 shown)1 XIII MAPLES STAR CASTLE. By Ch Aberlee Storm Force - Ch Readfield Moon O'er XIII Maples Owner: Ellen Childs & Mark Russo.A beautiful red/white puppy who just looked so feminine. A pretty head, dark eyes with lots of mascera. She had good length, bone and substance. Short hocks, and kept her topline on the move. Would take her home. BEST PUPPY
2 MILESTONE TENNIS BRACELET. By Ch Highleigh Whatchamacallit - Ch Milestone Augusta National. Owner: Terri New & Donna Gilbert. Another quality pretty red/white bitch that was not in her best coat today. She has adequate bone, dark eyes and good length of back. She kept her topline on the move.

3 LIONHART MAB AT STONEYGATE. By Ch Elfwish Leprechaun At Craigycor - Ch Foxwood B-Majic Ally McBeal. Owner: Deborah J Dennis Valente DVM & Daniel Hartman. A tri bitch with deep red markings. She was clean coming and going, good bone and substance and kept her topline on the move. Would like a more feminine head.

4 RIVERSIDE VERY NECESSARY. By Ch Dwynella Take A Chance - Ch Riverside Out Of Neccessity. Owner: Deborah Shindle & Dona Straway A smaller bitch than the three above. She kept her topline on the move with good side movement. Would like to see more bone and substance.

Puppy, 9 to 12 Months Bitches.

PUPPY, 9-12 MONTH BITCHES. (7 entered)
1 ELFWISH SWEET LIBERTY. By Ch Salvenik Sweet Thoughts - Ch Elfwish Gingerbread Lady. Owners: Donna J Francis & Sandra Wolfskill A beautiful bitch that just floated around the ring. She just outmoved everyone in her class. Good reach of neck that flowed into her shoulders, level topline and the shortest of hocks. She has good bone and substance. I would like to see a darker eye and neater feet. She was not in her best coat today, would like to see this bitch in full bloom. A moving machine. RESERVE WINNERS BITCH

2 KEEPSAKE TEMPTING FATE. By Ch Caralon's Casper At Gaylord - Ch Gaylord's Buttahcup. Owner: Molly Forbes. Another quality bitch with beautiful length , short hocks and level topline. She moved with good reach and drive around the ring. She is a very feminine bitch, but I would like to see more bone and bigger ears.

3 AUBREY'S SIMPLY ENCHANTING. By Ch Woodhenge Dream Maker NA NAJ - Ch Aubrey's Zinnia. Owner: Kathy & Marty Hash & Cindy & Vince Savioli
Another pretty red/white bitch very similar to the ones above. A real showgirl. Good length and level topline. Sound mover. Very feminine head.

4 BRUMBAER IF U GOT IT FLAUNT IT. By Brunswig's Field Of Dreams - Ch Brunswig's Crazy For You. Owner: Sue King & Karen Fruhmann. A dark sable bitch with lots of coat and very low to ground. Short hocks, but loses her topline on the move. Would like to see this bitch with less weight.

12 to 18 Months Bitches.

12 TO 18 MONTHS BITCHES. (4 entered)
1 CURIG FAERIE TALE WITCH HAZEL. By Ch Royal Mark Sea Change - Curig Periwinkle. Owner: Barbara du Pree & Susan Neave This is a mature pale red bitch with good length of body, and good turn of stifle. She was one of the biggest bitches in the class but carried herself very easily around the ring. Clean coming and going. Would like to see a darker eye.

2 WAKEFIELD TIGER LILY. By Powdermill Pure Tribute For Salvenik - Ch Wakefield Glinda Of Oz. Owner: Peggy Kessler & Pam Dent A light red/white quality bitch. Good length of body, short hocks and moved with reach and drive. She had a beautiful outline standing, but lacked her full coat today. It was very close between her and the bitch above

3 CARALON'S CHARISMATIC CHESSI. By Beckridge To Be Or Not To Be - Courtllyn Concerto. Owner: Patricia A Parsons & Helen Sherlock She is a smaller bitch than the two above. Very typey bitch, with a beautiful head, very sound, good turn of stifle. She just needs a little more ring practice.

4 SPRINGMILL GARVIN SACHET. By Ch Tallyrand Xalted Love - Ch Garvins Vinyard Bouquet. Owner: Nancy Oehlhof A smaller red headed tri bitch, very feminine. Would like to see more layback in the shoulder and a better topline.

Bred by Exhibitor Bitches.


1 SANDFOX BRENNA O'CALLOWAY By Ch Sandfox Flying Finish UD HS MX AXJ - Ch Calloway Parlor Soiree. Owner: Vicki Sandage & Patricia Date
A beautiful tri bitch and in gleaming condition, with good length of back, level topline. She moved at times with her head up, than got into her good reach and drive with her head lowered and really covered ground. She was in full coat and presented a beautiful picture when standing. I was very pleased to present her WINNERS BITCH.

2 GAYLYN BRYNLEA JITTERBUG By Ch Brynlea Conlyn The Big Dance - Ch Pinecor Sweet Sucess NA NAJ. Owner: Denise Brown. A very feminine red/white bitch with a large white collar. She too was in gleaming condition and was highly considered with the bitch above. Sound mover.

3 SADDLE LANE RIVERSIDE SUSHI. By Ch Salvenik Sweet Thoughts - Ch Saddle Lane Asia Minor. Owner: Deborah Shindle & Andrew Carter
A nice tri bitch, higher on leg than the bitches above. Sound mover with lots of reach and drive. Feminine head with a nice dark eye. Would like more bone.

4 LIONHART'S LADY OF THE LAKE By Ch Caralon's Casper At Gaylord - Ch Foxwood B-Majic Ally McBeal. Owner: Daniel E Hartman. A quality sable bitch with a full white collar. Good length of body, adequate mover. Would like a more feminine head.

Open Bitches

1 GAYLORD'S SABELINA. By Ch Caralon's Casper @ Gaylord - Twinan's The Devil May Care. Owner: Sandra Hanson & L Adams & D Guempel A moderate size sable bitch with lots of substance. She was a sound mover, had a level topline and good turn of stifle. Would prefer a more feminine head.

2 CINONNIE MARTEENY. By Ch Ninacorte Star Caster At Woodhenge - Cinonnie Sweet Charity. Owner: Pam Hudson & Nancy Oehlhof. A very pretty feminine tri bitch, smaller than the one above, in beautiful coat with a level topline. Would like to see more layback of shoulder. A quality bitch.

3 KEEPSAKE OFF'N RUNNIN'. By Ch Tallyrand No Greater Love - Ch Keepsake Just Showing Off. Owner: Beverly Mercer & Molly Forbes. A very sound deep red bitch, with a beautiful profile. She pushed the first and second place winners of this class. She too was a sound mover, but would like a more feminine head.

4 SANDFOX MIATA. By Ch Brynlea Double Decker - Ch Sandfox Ramblin' Free HSAs AX AXJ. Owners: Vicki Sandage & Stephanie Woods A smaller sable bitch than the three above, with a pretty head, moved with drive around the ring.

Best of Breed Competition.


BEST OF OPPOSITE SEX TO BEST OF BREED – Ch. Brunswig’s Fiona Apple (Ch. Tallyrand No Greater Love X Brunswig’s Cordelia) Breeder: Phyllis Farrer, Owner: Susan King & Karen Fruhmann A dark red bitch with a beautiful profile. She was a very mature bitch and up to size. Her lovely side movement could not be denied. I did not hesitate to give her Best Of Opposite next to my beautiful Best Of Breed and Best Of Winners dog.

Awards of Merit


I loved my Selection of Merit recipients and wished I could have given more.

Ch. Riverside The Protégé (Ch. Sua Mah Happy-Go-Lucky NA X Ch. Riverside One And Only) Breeder: Stanley Smith & Deborah Shindle, Owner: Breeder & Denise Runion

Ch. Pot O’Gold Vision Of A Sunset (Ch. Arbor Sea And Tell CD NA NAJ x Ch. Pot O’Gold’s Shameless) Breeder: Patti Bittles & Barb Sheppard, Owner: Sandi Eaton & Barb Sheppard

Winners Bitch, Sandfox Brenna O'Calloway owned by Vicki Sandage & Patricia Date

Candid Photos